Weekend trips from Kiev

  1. Kharkiv / Odessa

For any of these trips, you could visit just the first or second destination if you want to do less driving and spend more time in the area.

The longest trip is about 20.5 hours of total driving, so you may want to plan to do this over a long weekend.

Trip idea #1: Kiev → Kharkiv → Odessa → Kiev

Kiev to Kharkiv
leave Kiev on Friday
4.5 hours → Poltava
2 hours → Kharkiv (stay Friday night)
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6.5 hours of driving

Kharkiv to Odessa
leave Kharkiv on Saturday
1.5 hours → Peschanka
1.5 hours → Dnipropetrovsk
2 hours → Kryvyi Rih
2 hours → Nikolaev
2 hours → Odessa (stay Saturday night)
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8.5 hours of driving

Odessa to Kiev
leave Odessa on Sunday
1.5 hours → Uman'
1 hour → Bila Tserkva
3 hours → Kiev (back home)
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6 hours of driving

Total driving time for this trip is about 20.5 hours of driving.



Discover weekend getaways from Kiev and explore places that are easily drivable for a short 3-day trip or a longer weekend if there's a holiday or you can get time off. Once you've picked a destination, you can search for alternate routes that might have more interesting stops along the way. If you're looking for all of the possible destinations, try searching for a radius of 50 miles from Kiev up to 200 miles from Kiev or anything in between. If you don't have enough time for a long weekend, try searching for day trips from Kiev, or you can make Kiev your destination instead.