Road trips from Lanzhou

Lanzhou to Xining
starting from Lanzhou
2.5 hours → Qinghai
5 minutes → Xining

2.5 hours of driving
Lanzhou to Wuhai
starting from Lanzhou
56 minutes → Baiyin
3.5 hours → Lingwu
2.5 hours → Wuhai
6.5 hours of driving
Lanzhou to Chengdu
starting from Lanzhou
5.5 hours → Guangyuan Bus Station
2 hours → Mianyang
1.5 hours → Chengdu
9 hours of driving



Find day trips near Lanzhou and explore nearby destinations that are easily drivable. Once you've picked a place, you can search for alternate routes that might have more interesting stops along the way. If you're looking for all the possible destinations, try searching for a radius of 100 miles from Lanzhou up to 400 miles from Lanzhou or anything in between. Did you mean to drive to Lanzhou instead?