Trips from Markle (Indiana) to Fort Wayne

Markle to Fort Wayne
starting from Markle
5 minutes → GuestHouse Inn Markle
17 minutes → Zanesville
16 minutes → Comfort Suites Ft Wayne
7 minutes → Aboite Animal Hospital at Illinois Road
13 minutes → Fort Wayne
54 minutes of driving
Markle to Fort Wayne via Ossian
starting from Markle
19 minutes → Ossian
24 minutes → Fort Wayne

42 minutes of driving



Explore alternate routes from Markle (Indiana) to Fort Wayne, or you can get reverse directions from Fort Wayne to Markle (Indiana). Don't forget to factor in the weather. You can check the road conditions from Markle (Indiana) to Fort Wayne. Check out other stops like Zanesville (Indiana) or Ossian (Indiana).